Buying A Toilet? Avoid These 7 Subpar Features

Posted on: 19 September 2014

Purchasing a new toilet may seem like a straightforward process, but newer toilets have features that you shouldn't pass up. Although cost is an important factor, the color, how it flushes, and other aspects should also be considered. When you are comparing toilet models, try to avoid these substandard features.

1. Full-Flush Designs

Full-flush toilets are regular toilets that force you to make a full flush each time you use the restroom, which wastes a significant amount of water. Upgrade to a newer low-flow toilet to save money on your utility bills and help the environment.

2. Noisy Flusher

Some flushing mechanisms are simply louder than others. Pressure-assisted toilets are often culprits of excessively loud flushes. Advancements in technology continue to provide noise control solutions for too--loud toilets. Ask your plumber about which models are quietest.

3. Custom Parts

While there is nothing wrong with the look or function of most custom parts, these non-standard parts can be difficult and expensive to replace. It's better to stick with a high-quality toilet that has standard parts that can be easily replaced if they break or stop working.

4. Anything But White

If you're considering a hot pink or neon green toilet, think again. The best color for a toilet is white, as it's completely neutral, matches any bathroom décor and theme, and will never go out of style. While brighter colors may have a slight appeal now, will you feel the same way five or ten years down the road?

5. Slamming Lid

No one likes to hear the loud slam of a toilet seat lid that seems to echo throughout the house. Opt for a toilet that features a low-drop lid that will gradually go down instead of slamming against the seat.

6. Cheap Quality

It's easy to find inferior toilets on sale, but these inexpensive models are often poor in quality and will often not last as long as a better quality toilet. Since you want your toilet to last quite a few years, invest in a better-quality toilet, such as a pressure-assisted model.

7. Sweating Tank

If your toilet tank is constantly damp on the outside, it has a sweating tank. You can avoid the unsightly mess that a sweating tank causes by choosing a pressure-assisted toilet. This design features an inner tank within the main toilet tank that holds the water, keeping dampness away.

While most toilets look the same, there are some key features you should avoid when comparing models. For more information about residential toilets, contact your local plumbing professional, such as at