Getting Ready For Spring Cleaning? Organizing And Decluttering Your Interior

Posted on: 1 December 2014

If you have accumulated way too many things that are taking up space in your home, at some point you will want to do some organizing. If you continue to collect things without ever getting rid of what's not needed or wanted, your home will become cluttered. If it becomes too cluttered, it can become a fire hazard and a safety concern. Instead of taking this risk, set aside some time to do an inventory of your items and making a plan for removal of items no longer desired.

Make An Attack Plan

You will first want to make a plan before jumping right into analyzing items, otherwise you may become overwhelmed and frustrated. Pick up some boxes from a liquor store or grocery store that will be used for sorting and for removal of items. These are free and since they are recyclable, you will not be tempted to keep them as you would if you bought a plastic bin.

Keep an ongoing list. Use a notebook and designate a page for each sort of item in your home from the following categories: recyclables, giveaways/donations, sale items, junk and keep. You will be making piles of each of these into the boxes you have. Write on the side of each box with a marker and set them on the floor. You will start separating the items as you analyze them.


You can take your items to be recycled to a recycling center in your town or you may be able to rent a bin from a waste disposal service to take them away for you. Some electronic items can be recycled. Call your town building to find out if there is a program in your area that will accept these things. Some items can be recycled at your local junkyard, such as copper or iron, so look into this service as well.


Ask friends and family if they would be interested in any of the items that you no longer wish to keep. Anything that is left can be donated to churches, schools or thrift shops. Take books to your local library. It should be easy to get rid of items, as people tend to like things that are free.

Things To Sell

If you have items that can make a little cash on the side, consider having a yard sale. You can set out tables and sell your items on a weekend, making a small profit. You could also try to sell online using an auction webpage, or you could list items in the newspaper.

Junk Items

Call a junk removal service, such as The Dump Guy, to haul away all the things that you no longer wish to keep. It is much easier to hire someone to haul it, as it takes gas to drive it somewhere and you would need to lift everything into a truck to remove it from your property. Then there is the problem of finding somewhere that will accept the items. A junk removal service is the best bet in taking care of these items.

Keep Pile

Everything left is yours to keep! You should have weeded out a bunch of things, and will now be able to reorganize your home with the things that you have left. Enjoy your newly opened up area!