How A Dumpster Rental Can Benefit Your Landscaping Project

Posted on: 19 December 2014

As a landscaping professional, your job is to transform something dull and old into something beautiful and vibrant. Consequently, these projects require a lot of effort. Having a rental dumpster on-site can help lighten your load, making your project easier to complete. Whether you are completing a large commercial project or a smaller residential project, a dumpster rental offers a number of benefits.


By far, the primary advantage of having a dumpster on-site for your landscaping job is increased efficiency. This is particularly true if you are removing old landscaping and replacing it with new materials. Before the real work can begin, you have to remove all the old landscaping. If you don't have a designated space to hold your waste or if your team has to travel to a faraway truck to dump the waste, this can add a significant amount of time to the overall project.

With a dumpster rental, you can have the dumpster placed closer to your job-site. This allows your team to move faster, ultimately completing the project in a shorter amount of time.


Having a dumpster on-site during your landscaping job can also help you save parts of the project that are reusable. When removed from the ground with care, trees, shrubs and some flowers can be replanted at another site. Depending on the size of your project, you could have two dumpsters on-site.

One dumpster could be used for waste and the other could be used for the reusable materials. This won't just add efficiency to your current project, but having all the reusable items housed together in one container will also make it easier when you're ready to install them.


If you've ever completed your landscaping project for a residential property, one of the common complaints you've probably received is about the mess. Homeowners want new landscaping, but they hate the mess that surrounds these types of projects.

With a dumpster rental, you can help keep your working site neater. Instead of collecting waste in a pile and disposing of it periodically, a dumpster rental allows your team to toss the waste in the container right away. This will keep the job site looking neater and ultimately keep your customer more satisfied.

Finding different ways to complete your landscaping projects easier is an important part of being successful. Having an on-site dumpster rental from a company like Peterson's Service Corp can help you accomplish this and excel.