Come Home To A Flood? Here's How To Clean, Dry, And Sanitize

Posted on: 13 January 2015

If your home has been flooded, it's important that you get rid of the water and moisture as quickly as possible. Allowing standing water to remain in your home can allow mold to grow. If you suffer from asthma or other breathing problems, mold can be harmful to your health. In fact, if there is a significant amount of mold in your home, it can cause health problems for healthy individuals, as well. There are three things you need to do to prevent mold growth after a flood.

Clean The Water Up Completely

You can't always clean up the water immediately, especially if you were on vacation when you're home flooded, or if there was a natural disaster. As soon as it's safe to return to your home, you'll need to clean up the water completely. If the water has been standing for more than a few hours, mold may have already begun growing. Wear protective clothing and masks while you clean up the water.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Protective clothing – including gloves and face mask

  • Wet/dry vacuums

  • Mop and bucket


  1. Put on your protective clothing.

  2. Remove any carpeting that might be in the flooded area.

  3. Use your wet/dry vacuums to remove the standing water.

  4. Use your mop and bucket to remove the residual water.

Dry Your Home Out Thoroughly

Once you have the water completely removed, you'll need to dry your house out. Open all the windows, and bring in industrial fans. Allow the fans to operate for at least 48 hours to thoroughly dry out the concrete and drywall. In addition to mold, standing water can also cause concrete damage. Be sure that your foundation is dry before you turn your fans off.  You'll know it's dry when all the concrete is light grey.

Sanitize It Completely

Now that your home is completely dry, you'll want to sanitize the area. This is the process that will kill the mold spores that might still be lurking in your home.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Mop and bucket

  • Spray bottle

  • Household bleach

  • Hot water


  1. Fill your bucket with hot water and add 3 cups of bleach.

  2. Get your mop wet and clean the entire floor with the bleach solution.

  3. Allow the area to dry and then repeat the process.

  4. Fill a spray bottle with hot water and ½ cup of bleach.

  5. Use the spray bottle to sanitize any walls that were exposed to the water and leave them to air dry.

If you've had a flood in your home, you need to get the water cleaned up as soon as possible. Quick clean-up can prevent mold growth. Use these simple steps to remove the water and get rid of the mold spores before they get a chance to contaminate your home. If your entire home has experienced significant water damage, or you've found large amounts of mold in your home, you should have a professional such as Central Flood Management Inc take care of the clean-up for you.