4 Durable Commercial Roofing Products For Your Business

Posted on: 30 January 2015

There are many different types of commercial buildings, which can have flat or sloped roofs, and all these need different types of roofing. For a commercial building, conventional asphalt shingle roofing is not ideal because of its shorter lifespan and susceptibility to storm and wind damage. Other materials like metal roofing are a much better choice when it comes to commercial roofing, and membranes for flat roofs. Here are four of the most durable commercial roofing choices for your business:

1. Membrane Alternatives To Asphalt Flat Roofing

Many businesses have flat roofs, which conventionally have had a layer of asphalt roofing installed on them, which is heavy and costly to have installed. Alternatively, there are many membrane roofing products available, which are made of materials like polyurethane plastics. These materials weigh less, cost less to install and are more energy efficient than the conventional asphalt roofing that is used on flat roofs.

2. Light Colored Metal Roofing For Energy Efficiency And Durability

Metal roofing is another material that can be great for commercial businesses that do not have flat roofs. It is a durable material that is resistant to wind and storm damage, and it has a longer lifespan than conventional asphalt shingles. Newer powder-coated metal roofing products can also have a lighter colored finish on them, which can help to reduce cooling costs for business. This offers an ideal material to install on businesses in warmer climates.

3. Synthetic Roofing Materials For Alternatives To Conventional Shingles

You may also want to have a roof that has the look of conventional shingles. This can be done with newer synthetic products, which are made with plastics and other materials. These can be durable solutions for an alternative to asphalt shingles. They can even come in styles that look like slate or shake roofing materials. This type of roofing will be more durable than conventional shingles, and will be an ideal solution for a commercial building with a sloped roof.

4. Slate And Tile Roofing Options For Commercial Buildings

There are more traditional roofing materials that can be used for a durable commercial roofing solution. Slate and clay can be great choices for commercial roofing. They will outlast many of the other roofing materials and look great. They are an ideal material for buildings with sloped roofs, and both dry and wet climates. If you want to have a roof with a more attractive design, these are great choices for durable roofing materials.

These are some of the choices you have when it comes to different types of durable commercial roofing. If you need to have a new roof installed on your business, contact a commercial roofing service and ask them about these materials.