Four Handy Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Posted on: 10 February 2015

Professional plumbers have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they use in their line of work to make their job easy and safe. Some of these are things that you can apply when working on your plumbing installations. Here are a few tips from the masters that you will find useful:

Using Magnets for Pipe Orienteering

You probably know that you should not dig or nail into floors or walls because you may damage the hidden plumbing pipes behind them. What about if there is a project you must perform on the said walls or floors? Well, in that case it pays to know exactly there the pipes pass.

You need a strong magnet, an electrical fish tape, and a compass for this project. Attach the magnet to the tape and insert it through the cleanout plug into the drain lines. Next, hover the compass near the approximate location of the pipes. Due to the magnet's magnetic field, the compass's needle will swing wildly when it is over the magnet in the pipe. You can then mark the position and continue with your renovation.

Taking Pictures during Renovations

All you need for this tip is a camera. If you are present during your house's construction, then you can take a picture of the walls, ceilings, and floors. Ensure you capture the internal structures (such as pipes and wires) before they are covered up.

You can do the same thing during renovation, and don't forget to store the pictures safely so that they don't get deleted. You need the pictures for future reference, for example, during a subsequent renovation when you want to know what lies beneath the respective surfaces.

Plunge water first

If you have dabbled in some form of sink service before, then you will agree that the mess that comes out of the trap is not pretty. Fortunately, you can reduce this mess with just a plunger. Just give the drain several good plunges to force most of the water through the trap; less water means less debris to deal with. Don't forget to hold down the strainer when using the plunger if the strainer is a screw-down type.

These tips are meant to make your DIY plumbing easy, but not to replace a professional plumber, such as Salinas & Sons Rooter Service. Thus, if you are unsure of something, you should forget about DIY and cal a plumber to handle it. For example, digging walls or floors is a job best handled by the professionals.