Building A New Home In A Cold Climate? 3 Features It Should Have

Posted on: 3 March 2015

If you are building a new home in a cold climate, certain features will make your life much easier during the winter months. For example, choosing a metal roof, installing stair railings, and installing a snow melting system are good choices.

Metal Roof

A metal roof is durable and can hold up well to snow and ice. The snow that does fall on it sheds off easily, and you will rarely have to deal with leaks. Metal roofs have other benefits, such as being fire resistant, withstanding high winds, and light enough that it puts less stress on your home.

When choosing a metal roof, you can choose from different colors, such as red, green, white, gray, black, blue, and much more.  Other metal roofs look much like traditional shingles, or cedar shake shingles.

The metal roof also sheds snow so fast that you may end up with large snow piles around your home. To take care of this problem, make sure there is enough space below the roof line. Walking paths should also be away from the roof eaves.


Install railings at each stairway, no matter how short it is. They are very helpful when you open your door, and there is a lot of snow and/or ice on your steps, as you will have something to hold on to. Some types of railing that work well include

  • Fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl: Any of these are good choices as they are durable, and hold up well in cold weather.
  • Stainless steel: This type of railing works well, but you should spray it down with waterproof spray. Follow the directions on the spray can, which should also tell you how often you should apply it.
  • Metal: This type of railing is durable, requires less maintenance, and is strong. You can paint the metal to match your exterior house colors, if preferred.

Snow Melting Systems

You should consider installing a snow melting system beneath your driveway, paths, and anywhere else that is frequently used. There are also heating mats you can place at each entrance to your home to make it safer to walk in and out of.  Snow melting systems not only make it safe for you, but you will not have to deal with as much snow to plow. You should hire a contractor to install this system for you. In most cases, a concrete contractor will work with an electrician when installing this system.

The best time to put in new features is when building the new home, so make sure you think about what you need now. Talk to a professional like Durable Roofing Company for more information.