Cut Down On Waste And Increase Disposal - A Size Guide For Roll-Off Dumpsters

Posted on: 11 March 2015

Home improvement projects can pose several unique challenges for homeowners. One that you may not have considered is determining what to do with the large amount of waste generated by your renovation process. While many people know that roll-off dumpster services can offer great convenience, they may also be concerned about wasting space and not getting the most bang for their buck.

Below, you'll find a size guide to some common types of roll-off dumpsters. With this information in mind, you can be sure that you're not wasting space or money on a dumpster rental that you don't need while simultaneously being sure that you can keep your job site operating cleanly and efficiently.

10, 12, & 15 yards

Most common home-improvement projects will generate a moderate amount of waste that a 10-, 12-, or 15-yard dumpster can handle. These dumpsters are likely to fit snugly in your driveway, thus avoiding the need to find an inconveniently large space to locate them.

Cleaning out a basement or remodeling a small deck will likely generate sufficient waste to fill a dumpster of this size. They're also popular among people who are remodeling a bathroom or a small kitchen and provide you with the advantage of not having to spend time separating materials into a recycling container.

20 yards

Twenty yard dumpsters begin to move more into the side of commercial applications than home applications. If you're completing a home project that requires a 20 yard dumpster, it's likely that it's an intense project involving several weeks, if not months, of work.

Total carpet and flooring removal or a replacement of your home's shingles may require the use of a 20 yard dumpster. Such a dumpster can also be useful for large-scale cleanup jobs, such as emptying the attic or basement of a home that has recently been vacated.

40 yards

If you're looking to totally replace your home's siding or all of its windows, a 40 yard dumpster will likely be needed to handle the full volume of your waste. This large container will also be useful in the event that you plan a major addition to your home, as it should be able to handle a heavy-duty amount of construction waste. Forty-yard dumpsters will also be able to handle the needs of a garage demolition or full-scale commercial clean-out job, providing you with the security of knowing that you won't have wasted space.