Water System Maintenance: How A Submersible Well Pump Can Cause Problems

Posted on: 4 May 2015

Have you opted for using a well for water in your rural household? You must make sure that the submersible well pump is fully functioning if you want access to water. Find out below how a well pump can cause problems for your water system, as well as how much a new pump is estimated to cost.

How Can a Submersible Well Pump Become Problematic?

The biggest problem that you can experience from a submersible well pump is it failing to send water into the storage tank. If the well is your household's only source of water, it can become frustrating when the pump is malfunctioning. One thing that can cause a well pump to stop sending water to the tank is a lack of electricity. You can assess the problem on your own by checking the circuit breakers in the electrical panel to see if they are all turned on, specifically the one powering up the well water system.

A submersible well pump can also malfunction when the pressure pump is not working. The pressure pump is a vital part of your water well system because it is used in conjunction with the pressure switch. It is vital for the pressure pump to have a sufficient amount of air in order for it to turn the pressure switch on. If the switch is unable to come on, your well pump can't send water to the storage tank. It is a good idea to occasionally use a tire gauge to assess the air level in the pressure pump, which can be done by attaching the gauge to the valve (on top of the pump).

How Much Does a Submersible Well Pump Cost to Replace?

If you need to replace your well pump to make your water system functional, the average price will depend on the quality that you get. Some submersible well pumps are able to pump more water per gallon than others, which means the tank can fill up faster. Any extra labor will affect the price as well. Expect a replacement submersible well pump to cost an estimate of $200 plus.

Make sure your well water system is properly maintained with timely repairs so you won't have problems with getting water. The well pump is required for sending enough water in the tank to meet the needs of your household. Contact a specialist to repair or replace the well pump if it begins to malfunction! (For more information, you can contact Golden Gate Well Drilling & Water Conditioning)