Plant These 5 Flowers To Keep The Bees Buzzing

Posted on: 8 July 2015

You're probably aware that bumblebee populations are dwindling all over the planet. These insects are important as pollinators of many cultivated crops as well as native vegetation. You can provide a habitat for these endangered insects by planting certain types of flowers in your yard. Because they're attracted to strongly scented flowers, bypass the almost fragrance-free hybrids and go for the old-school, aromatic garden favorites. You can give the bees an extra edge by planting flowers that bloom in their favorite colors -- pink, purple, and yellow. Following are five flowers you can plant that will help keep the bees buzzing.


Also known as cottage pinks, dianthus are old-fashioned garden flowers that smell like cloves. They're in the same family as carnations, and are available in colors ranging from pure white to deep red. Many varieties of dianthus are bi-colored, featuring alternating white and pink petals. They make excellent additions to the front of garden borders and also thrive as container plants.


Big, bright, and yellow, sunflowers are an ideal choice for anyone wanting to attract bumblebees to their yard. They're also easy and fun to grow, making them a perfect project for introducing children to the art of gardening. At the end of the season, you'll have plenty of tasty sunflower seeds as an added bonus.


The sweet fragrance of lilacs will perfume your entire outdoor living space in April and May as well as provide bumblebees with an abundance of the nectar they crave. Lilac shrubs can grow as tall as 20 feet tall, but dwarf varieties are available for those with limited outdoor space.


Modern petunia hybrids don't have much of a scent, but fortunately, deeply fragrant heirloom varieties are readily available at most plant nurseries. Petunias can be planted in flower beds, planters, and used in hanging baskets. They bloom from late spring until the first heavy frost, providing bumblebees with months of delicious nectar.

California Poppies

Bright orange and almost indestructible, California poppies are excellent flowers for those places where you think that nothing else will grow. Simply toss a handful of seeds mixed with a bit of soil onto the area where you want them to grow, and you're all set. They are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring and among the last to fade as a result of autumn's chill. In areas that don't experience seasonal freezing temperatures, they may bloom year round.

Be sure to ask your landscape professional for more ideas on how to create a bumblebee-friendly environment in your outdoor living space. For more information about landscape design, visit Cottonwood Landscapes LLC.