Petulant Puppy Problems? How To Temporarily Repair A Chew-Damaged Air Compressor Hose

Posted on: 26 December 2015

Banishing a misbehaving puppy to the garage may sound like a good idea, but it can also make an annoying problem even worse. If you happen to own an air compressor to air up tires or use for home projects, it likely sits on the floor of the garage, easily within reach of your dog. While the motor and wheels may not interest your pup much, the coil of flexible tubing that acts as a hose for airing up tires may be a temptation your dog just cannot resist. Even worse, you may not notice the damage until you are facing a flat tire and find that there are several small punctures in the hose allowing all the air to leak out before it goes into your tire. If this happens to you, try one of the following quick fixes to get your tire aired up and let you be on your way. 

Fix Number One: The Quick Tape Fix

If you are fortunate enough to find that the hose only bears a few small puncture marks, you can use duct tape to fix the problem temporarily, so that you can proceed with airing up your tire. To do this, look for each puncture and place a small square of duct tape directly over each one, centering the hole to the middle of the square of tape. 

Once you have covered each hole with duct tape, proceed to tightly wrap another layer of duct tape over the entire damaged area, with a few inches of extra tape applied on each side. This repair will not last permanently but it should make it possible for you to air up your tire in an emergency.

Fix Number Two: The Splice Fix

If the puppy gnawed on the hose for a long period of time before you discovered it, the tubing may be completely severed or severely damaged. If so, you will need to make a clean cut all the way through the tubing just beyond the damaged area on both sides, leaving you with two cleanly severed ends of tubing. 

Taking one end in your hand, use a small razor knife or sharp scissors to make a tiny slit in the end. Take the other end of the tubing in your hand and force it inside the cut end of the tubing. Tape this new connection securely in place and then add an extra layer of duct tape extending across the entire repaired area and extending several inches beyond. 

While these solutions provide a quick fix and should enable you to use your air compressor safely to air up a tire or use for a short time, you will need to take it to a professional air compressor repair technician, such Air Chief Inc, as soon as possible to have the entire hose replaced. In addition, if any additional damage is noted on the air compressor, do not attempt to use it until it has been repaired, to prevent safety issues or further damage to the unit.