Don't Skip Stones -- 6 Ways To Add Artistry To Your Yard With Gravel

Posted on: 3 June 2016

Are you looking for a way to reduce the maintenance in your yard? Gravel could be just what the doctor ordered. While many people may automatically think of gravel as a boring but cost-conscious addition to the landscaping, modern gravel choices can add a lot to the yard's aesthetics. Here are 6 simple ways.

Add Sparkle. Modern gravel mixes can be remarkably colorful. Depending on the rock base, it can even be sparkly. Look for mixes that use materials like feldspar or agate, which can shine brilliantly in the sun. These are perfect for close-up landscaping where guests will appreciate the hidden beauty.

Make a Design. Mix and match gravel with colorful groundcovers in an interesting design, such as a checkerboard or diamonds. To accomplish this, simply use stake and twine to create a pattern you like with narrow wood dividers - such as squares, interlocking rectangles or swirls -- then fill them in with alternating plants and stones. The combination of colorful gravel choices and beautiful low plants is sure to create a garden your guests will be fascinated by. 

Combine Rocks and Succulents. Larger gravel stones make an excellent base for a succulent garden. Sedum or Acaena succulents, for example, are perfect to pair with a base of stone gravel. The combination is also very low in maintenance and requires little water. 

Replace Bark or Mulch. Traditionally, mulch has been used to cover up bare dirt when a homeowner doesn't want a lot of maintenance. Instead, why not try a fresh take on this idea with some slate chips? Not only do stones avoid the need to replace aging bark, but they also provide a great color contrast to green plants and colorful flowers. 

Soften a Path. Pebbles or pea gravel may fit better than other pathway materials in a natural woody setting in your yard. The soft roundness of pebble gravel is more inviting to walk on and completes a natural feeling for a meandering path. Use brick, wooden or larger stone borders to keep the gravel where it should be.

Combine with Brick. Creating a patio or walkway from a combination of brick and gravel gives it much more visual interest than either material alone. The contrast between red brick and pale or bluish gravel allows you to create designs in the flooring -- things like squares-inside-squares, for example -- while still boasting a solid base for walking on. 

Gravel, such as from Builder's Sand & Gravel Inc., is a great landscaping tool to work with, both due to being inexpensive and flexible. Why not find your creative inner landscape designer today?