How To Make Your AC Unit Colder

Posted on: 27 February 2017

There are some days when it might feel like your air conditioner just isn't able to work hard enough to keep your home cold. This can be caused by a multitude of factors. Your air conditioner might not be sized properly for your home. Or, your air conditioner might need to be repaired or replaced. But until you can have your air conditioner replaced, there things you can do to make your AC colder.

Clean Your AC Unit

Make sure to keep your air conditioner clean. If your AC is not kept clean, it will have to work harder to keep your home adequately cooled. Your air filters must be cleaned or replaced at least once a month or else you may notice that your home is warmer and you may also find that your AC unit does not last as long.

If your AC filter is not a disposable one, you will need to turn your AC off first. Then, remove the filter and place the filter in a bucket with dish soap and water. Then, remove it and rinse it.

Ensure That There Is Adequate Flow

If you have a central air unit, the problem might be that there is not adequate air flow through your unit. The problem is that as your ventilation becomes obstructed over time, This can be the result of the coils of your AC unit being dirty. These can be cleaned by getting a wire brush and scrubbing the coils until they are no longer dirty. Make sure to be gentle to avoid damaging the coils. 

Wash Your Unit

Your air conditioning unit can become covered with dirt and grime. It is therefore necessary to spray down the unit. Make sure that the unit is disconnected from the power source because you will not want to cause a short in the unit. Do not flip the AC unit back on until the water has had time to evaporate. 

Keep Refrigerant Levels High

Another reason for your AC unit not being cold enough is that you might not have enough refrigerant. Refrigerant is what removes heat from the home. However, the refrigerant can leak over time and you may need to have your AC unit recharged. It is necessary to have an AC maintenance technician come to refill the AC unit and to also determine what the cause of the refrigerant leak is so that this problem can be resolved.

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