Building A New Shed To Store Your Garden Equipment? 3 Types Of Siding You Can Chooe From

Posted on: 10 August 2017

If you need to have a place to store your garden equipment this winter, building a shed is a great way to do it. You can likely build the shed on your own if you are the DIY type and if it is not too large. Before you get started, you have to deciding on the type of siding that you would like to use, as there are many options for you to choose from. To help you out, below are three of these options so you can get started building your new shed.


If you want something that is low in maintenance, vinyl siding would work well for you. Vinyl siding is also resistant to the weather. If you currently have vinyl siding on your home you can choose the same type of siding for your shed. You can also choose the same color as your home's siding so everything will match well.

If the vinyl does fade over time, you can touch it up with paint. You should have no problems with it chipping, however. One great benefit of vinyl siding is there is no maintenance required.


If you like wood, you can choose a natural wood finish. If you like this, choose larch, oak, or cedar as this type of wood is more resistant to weather and fading when compared to other types. 

If you do not want the natural look you can choose engineered wood instead of natural wood. You can paint the wood as paint adheres to engineered wood better than natural wood. Engineered wood requires low maintenance, is more durable, and it looks like natural wood without the high cost. The main maintenance is washing the wood to prevent moss, algae, etc. from building up on it.                    


Metal siding is very inexpensive and you can choose from aluminum or steel. This type of siding does dent easily, however, and it is loud when it rains. 

Aluminum is the cheaper option as it is not as strong when compared to steel. Steel is prone to corrosion, however, which means it will wear out faster. To take care of this problem, you can find steel that has special paint coatings to protect it from corrosion, as well as galvanized steel which is more weather resistant.

Talk with a siding contractor, such as from Allstate Gutter & Siding, if you need help choosing the type of siding that would work best for you. They can also install the siding if you need help or find it too time consuming.