4 Ways To Remodel Your Master Closet Into The Walk-In Of Your Dreams

Posted on: 7 September 2017

Remodeling your master bedroom? While you may be giving a lot of thought to things like the lighting, windows, décor, and bathroom luxuries, the closet may not get the attention it deserves. But a dream walk-in closet can turn an ordinary bedroom into a true haven of relaxation and organization. To help you with your dream closet remodel, here are 4 tips for any homeowner:

Add Organization.  Simply remodeling the closet to add more space won't help you much if it quickly devolves into a disorganized mess. The best way to approach a closet remodel is to include lots of organization options...or even a fully implemented organization system. Rather than throw in a one-size-fits-all closet organizer, take the time to assess your individualized style needs. Are you a shoe lover? Or is jewelry more of your thing? Do you or your partner have a lot of professional clothing that needs to be kept in good condition and ready for morning time? Deciding what your priorities are will help you design drawers, shelves, racks, and hangers that meet your own needs. 

Create a Boutique. A so-called boutique walk-in closet mimics the comfort and style of retail clothing boutiques' upscale dressing rooms. These boutique styles often feature comfortable places to sit (usually for more than one person), full-length mirrors from multiple angles, tables, and decorative objects. Think about not only storing clothes and accessories but also displaying them for easy perusal. 

Extend the Bedroom. The closet should generally feel like an extension of the bedroom itself. It should complement the style of the main spaces while adding something interesting and unique. The closet color palette should coordinate with the bedroom's and the furnishings should generally match the mood and design style of the main room. If you want to add something special, consider making strategic changes like giving the closet of a modern bedroom a more vintage style. 

Make it Personal. Make your walk-in closet more of a destination by giving it a personal touch. This could be anything that reflects you and your own style. Boutique style closets often have plenty of space for things like wall or table art, pictures of the family, mementos from vacations or trips, or even a built-in television for those who like to multitask. 

Time spent deciding what you want from your walk-in closet remodel and how to achieve it will surely be time well invested in the long run. Contact a local remodeling contractor for more information and assistance.