What to Do When Your Well Stops Producing Water

Posted on: 5 June 2018

Groundwater is a great natural resource because homeowners can obtain their own and avoid paying a water bill. Groundwater is especially convenient for homeowners when they live in rural areas and can't receive municipal water access from the city. However, maintaining a well to obtain the groundwater can be complicated unless a professional is hired to take care of it. Sometimes problems arise in which little to no water is able to be obtained from the ground. Read the content below to learn about the things that often cause a well to not produce enough groundwater.

The Pump isn't Functional

The most important aspect of a well for obtaining groundwater is the pump. The pump must be functional so it can bring the water up from the ground and into other parts of the well system. The inability to obtain groundwater can mean that the pump has become weak and might need a professional repair to resolve the problem. There is the possibility that the pump has completely stopped working because it is old or badly damaged. In such a case, a new pump will have to be installed before you can obtain groundwater.

No Groundwater is Present

Sometimes no groundwater can be pumped up from a well because there isn't any to obtain. You must keep in mind that the level of groundwater can fluctuate, which means that sometimes you might not have access to it. If it has been a long time since you were last able to use groundwater, consider hiring a professional to inspect the ground. He or she will take a look at the aquifers that your well uses to obtain water. It might be necessary for your well to be relocated so different aquifers can be used that are able to supply more water.

Plumbing Lines Are Clogged

There might not be anything wrong with your well or the aquifer below. Do you ever hire a plumber to clean out your plumbing lines? If not, there is the possibility that the lines have become clogged up and has created a blockage for groundwater to flow through into your house. Consider investing in a technique called jetting to ensure that your plumbing lines are thoroughly cleaned out. The jetting equipment used by plumbers is powerful enough to remove something as simple as dirt, or as tough as tree roots.

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