3 Reasons To Install A Frameless Shower Door In Your Teen's Bathroom

Posted on: 4 September 2018

If your teen has his or her own bathroom and if it's time for that bathroom to be upgraded, one upgrade that you may want to add to the list is a frameless shower door. These are great for any bathroom in the home and are especially great for teens' bathrooms.

1. Your Teen Will Love the Look of the Bathroom

A lot of teenagers are pretty serious about how their bedrooms and bathrooms look. This is often because they want to be proud of their rooms and bathrooms when their friends come over. Since a frameless shower door looks nice and modern, many teens are impressed. Other ways to turn the bathroom into an area that your teen is proud to show off to friends is by letting them help pick the paint colors and add cool decorating touches.

2. It'll Help Prevent Leaks (and All of the Problems That Go Along With Them)

Shower leaks aren't a good thing in any bathroom in the house. If leaks from the shower are happening in your teenager's bathroom, you might not even know about the leaks until there is floor damage or until mold is growing, since your teen might not notice it or mention it to you. Frameless shower doors help prevent leaks. This helps prevent damage to your teen's bathroom and helps prevent him or her from being exposed to mold that could otherwise easily grow in the moist conditions and put your teen's health at risk.

3. It'll Make it Easier for Your Teen to Keep Up with Household Chores

Your teen might be responsible for keeping his or her own bathroom clean, which is certainly very reasonable. Many teens struggle to keep up with household chores, though. They might already have busy schedules with school, work, and the many activities that they might be involved in, or they might be more focused on hanging out with friends and having fun than scrubbing the bathroom. A frameless shower door creates the perfect compromise. Since there aren't a lot of little hidden crevices to be cleaned, cleaning the shower door should be very easy for your teen to do. This helps you prevent arguments with your teen and make it easier for him or her to keep the bathroom neat and sanitary.

Installing a frameless shower door in your teen's bathroom is a smart move. Talk to a contractor who installs them like California Reflections Inc. to find out more.