Reducing The Trash On Your Construction Site

Posted on: 27 November 2018

Trash is always a large part of any construction job. Most of the materials arrive at the site wrapped or banded with something. That packing is often thrown away and not useful for anything on the site, but it does add to the trash and debris that builds up over time. Recycling is not always the first thing you think of on a jobsite, but considering it might save or even make you some money.

Sorting the Trash

It is very common for construction companies to rent a trash container for the job site. Most of the material that is not usable goes into the container, and the company that owns the container will remove it when it is full. Saving space in that container could mean it is emptied less often and that can save you money. Adding additional containers for recyclable products is a good option. You can sort the materials and maybe even make a little money back on the recyclables. 

Recycling Metal

Many construction projects use steel studs and metal siding or roofing. The steel scraps that are too small to reuse are suitable for recycling and placing them in a different container is an excellent way to keep them separate from the trash. For jobs that are going to have a lot of scrap, you can have the local scrap recycler place a container on the site for you to put the metal in. Most recyclers will do that for you, and many will even pay something for the scrap when they pick it up. 

Recycling Paper Products

Paper is another material that is high supply on most job sites. So much paper and cardboard are thrown away that separating it could save you more space in the dumpster than you might think. The paper can be put in a container or dumpster or hauled to the local recycling center a couple of times a week. No matter how you do it, recycling the paper products is going to reduce the trash coming off the site.

Trash Removal Services

The trash company that is providing the original dumpster may also offer recycling services, so you might want to ask before you hire another company to deal with the recyclables. If they do, they will tell you what can go into the dumpster and what they would like you to do with items to be recycled. They may bring you containers for each of the products they accept but talk with the sales department and see what your options are.

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