Enjoying Life In Your Vintage Home? Window Tips For Increased Comfort

Posted on: 3 April 2019

New homes are very appealing to homeowners who really the ideas of starting with a blank slate and creating their own style. Those who purchase vintage homes, however, have the advantage of being able to enjoy living their life in a home that is already richly steeped in history and charm. 

Many vintage homes feature exquisite handcrafted woodwork, arched doorways, grand staircases, and stately high ceilings. But many of these homes also have a maintenance issues, as well, one of which is drafty or leaking windows. 

If you are one of the many vintage home owners dealing with a window problem, the following information may be just what you need to make your vintage home more comfortable and efficient. 

The issue with replacement windows for a vintage home

While replacement windows can be the most obvious solution to improve energy efficiency and interior comfort in a more recently constructed home, the windows of a vintage home are much more difficult to deal with in this manner. This is because many vintage homes feature uniquely designed windows, such as those that are curved, arched, very wide or tall, or those that still contain their original stained glass insets or leaded glass panes.

While it would probably be possible to install replacement windows that would fit the opening on these ornate vintage homes, doing so would like change the appearance of the structure and could easily have a negative impact on both its historical authenticity and market value. 

The better solution is to have custom storm windows installed

If the original windows in your vintage home are drafty or showing evidence of leaking around the frames, it may be because the wood has warped, shrunk, or begun to deteriorate. This can make them unable to prevent the loss of heated and cooled air and make the home much less efficient to heat and cool. 

Applying caulk to any visible spaces can help to prevent this air loss, but a better plan is to consider the installation of storm windows. Because vintage home windows are often unique is size, shape, and design, working with a storm window contractor to custom produce and install each one will ensure that the appearance and vintage flavor of the home are preserved, while allowing you to enjoy more comfort and lower heating and cooling bills. 

To learn more about your options for custom storm windows, schedule an appointment with a reputable storm window contractor such as Southern Glass & Mirror.