How To Tell If You Have Leaks In Your Home

Posted on: 29 November 2019

Do you have leaks in your home? You might, and it might be beneficial to you to discover just where these leaks are coming from. When you have leaks inside your house, you end up with foundation problems and other issues that can be related to exterior leaks and foundation problems. You should not only be aware that you have leaks in the home, but you should also be aware of where the leaks are coming from so you can have them professionally repaired by your contractor.

How do you tell if you have leaks in the home? Aside from actually finding water spots inside the home or around your property, it may take more of an expert leak detection specialist to see where they may really be. Here are ways you can tell if you have leaks in your home so you can do your part to keep your property safe and sound and water-free.

Stains on your ceiling

Stains on the ceiling are a strong indicator that your home may have water leaks. You can have stains in the corners of your ceiling or along the walls and edges of the flooring connecting to the walls. These stains will be brown to a lighter yellow in color, and are a sign that you have water problems in the home. You may also notice a musty odor, in addition to the water stains, that can be not just an indicator of water damage and leaks in the home, but of mold and other types of damage as well.

Sagging spots in the floors

Do you have sagging spots in your floors or walls? Do you notice that some parts of your home, especially near the washing machine, sink, tub, or other water sources is squishier than others or somewhat lacking in support? Sagging spots can be a sign of ongoing leaks and water damage and usually mean that flooring needs to be replaced to ensure a healthier home. Your home's contractor will assist you in locating the leaking areas of your home — which can be anything from a leaking roof to a burst pipe in the house — and will help perform repairs as needed as a result.

If you suspect water damage and leaks in your house, call your contractor for repairs. Once the damage has been assessed, you can have the leaks removed and taken care of so your home is better protected and you can have fewer repairs in the future.