Benefits Of A Glass-Enclosed Wine Room

Posted on: 10 January 2020

When many people think about wine cellars, they imagine stylish spaces that are surrounded by stone, brick, or wood and that are closed off from the rest of the house. This design may appeal to you, but if you have an intention of adding a wine room to your custom home plans, there are many other options to consider. One idea is to enclose the wine room with one or more glass walls. A glass-walled wine room can be situated in a number of locations in the home, so it's good to talk to your custom builder about how to add this space. Here are some benefits of choosing a glass-enclosed design for the wine room.

Your Collection Is Visible

It's common to take considerable pride in your collection of wine bottles — and when you're proud of something, it can be nice to share it with people. Choosing a glass-enclosed wine room design for your custom home makes your collection of wine visible to your guests. This can be a good conversation starter for guests who aren't aware of your passion for wine. Even those who don't have the same appreciation for wine as you will likely be impressed by the look of the room and interested in walking through it with you.

The Adjacent Rooms Can Seem More Spacious

Any time you add glass to your custom home — whether it's a wall and a door or simply a door — it helps to create a feeling of spaciousness. While your wine room itself may seem spacious because of your use of glass, this can also be true of the room that is located next to the wine room. For example, if you have the glass-enclosed wine room off the side of your living room, the living room can feel a little larger simply because of the clear barrier between it and your wine room.

The Space Will Be Bright

Some peoples' wine rooms can be a little dark. This can be for several reasons, but a lack of a window in the room and a shortage of light fixtures can make the room darker than is ideal. In such a room, it can be difficult to evaluate all of the bottles, which can hinder the enjoyment of choosing one to drink. A glass-enclosed wine room allows in plenty of natural light from the adjacent room, especially if the adjacent room has a window. This means that your wine room will be bright, inviting, and easy to use.

Discuss a glass-enclosed wine room and other design ideas you have with a custom home builder from a company like Integra Builders to learn more about how those designs can be incorporated into your custom home.