Types Of Masonry

Posted on: 10 January 2020

Masonry is a trade that is very important to modern home construction and design. While some masons work mainly in the aesthetics of the home, others create fundamental structures, like the cement pad under the air conditioner. No one can deny the skill and profession that masonry creates. There are many different types of masons, all of which can create something different and beautiful for your home.

Concrete Masons

Concrete masons are masters of concrete. It may sound rudimentary, but there is a lot that can be done in concrete with a skilled craftsman at the helm. While the basic concrete is just a (hopefully) flat, firm surface, it is possible to design different shapes and textures into the medium. Some masons can even color concrete so that it goes along with the aesthetic of your home. Choosing a concrete mason without much experience can be a gamble, since if it is done incorrectly you may get cracks, improper sloping, or chips. 

Stone Masons

Stone Masons are experts of many different types of stone. This is incredibly useful for interior design, exterior decoration, and landscaping. Stone Masons are different than brick masons, though they often use similar techniques. 

Brick Masons

Brick masons have been around since straw and dirt were mixed with water and made into bricks. This was a few thousand years ago. People used to make their homes exclusively from bricks, though now wood or steel beams are usually used. Bricks are still extremely popular for exterior decor, including patios, walkways, fences, or special materials. When done correctly brick structures can last for several decades, though a skilled and steady hand is required. A novice brick mason may not be able to give you the kind of quality you are looking for, so be careful of who you choose. 

Tile Masons

Tile masons are often used for interior decorating. If you think about the structures in a kitchen, you could use tile for the flooring or backsplash. In the bathroom, people use tile masons for showers, floors, and even walls. There are many skills involved since the floor most often needs sealed, then tiled, and then sealed again. 

In conclusion, masonry is an incredible craft and art form which takes a very skilled individual to perform it. If you are looking to increase the value of your home, look into masonry contractors. 

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