Things To Consider When Choosing A Pump For Your Well

Posted on: 29 December 2020

Water is always a priority in any home, and if the property is about to support a water well, drilling one is a great option. Once the well is complete, you will need to consider a submersible well pump for it, and there are some things you may need to consider when you are making the decision.

Submersible Well Pumps

There are different styles and sizes of well pumps on the market, and the majority of new pumps are designed to go into the well and lie under the waterline. These submersible well pumps are incredibly efficient and will often outperform older surface pumps significantly. 

The size of the pump you choose for your well is crucial to getting the water from the well to the house, so for a well over five hundred feet deep, you may need to look at a deep well pump. These pumps have more power to push the water from far below the surface to the pressure tank in your home. Talk to the well pump installation company about what pump will be able to provide what you need.

Installing Your Well Pump

Once you choose a submersible well pump for your situation, you will need to consider installing the pump. Most homeowners leave the pump's installation to a well pump company, which is the best option for most people. The pump sits far below the surface, and some critical parts are required for proper installation.

It is also critical that the pump sits at the right height in the well or it may hit the bottom of the well. A submersible well pump sitting on the bottom of the well can suck up sand and other debris that settle on the bottom. For the pump to be set at the right height, the water level in the well needs to be determined. The pump is then put in place a few feet off the bottom but still under the water that is in the well. 

There are electrical and plumbing connections made at the pump that need to be tight and waterproof as well, so the steps taken to install the submersible well pump must be right or there will be problems with the pump down the road. 

Pump Warranties

The warranty on your submersible well pump can vary from five to about ten years for most manufacturers, but there are often conditions that apply. If the well fills up with sand and the pump gets damaged because of it, that warranty may not cover the damage.

Most pump manufacturers warranty the pump for manufacturing faults and failure, but not if the pump is damaged due to something in the well or if lighting strikes the casing, so check your warranty if your pump does stop working.

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