Fencing Options For Irregular Yards

Posted on: 3 April 2015

When your yard has curves, plants or other features that make it difficult to fence in, you have to consider all of your material options. By understanding how each material can work for your design needs, you will be able to pick the right option for fencing in your yard. Chain Link A common yet very useful material for fencing is chain link. This material option allows you to work around barriers such as exterior buildings, trees and bushes. [Read More]

First Apartment Tips: 3 Quick Fixes For The Kitchen Sink

Posted on: 23 March 2015

You've moved into your first apartment and have settled into a life of independence – and household maintenance. Sure, your apartment complex might have a fix-it team on staff, but there might be a wait and they usually aren't available late at night. If something minor goes wrong with your kitchen sink, it's often easier for you to fix it instead of calling maintenance or a plumber. Here are a few quick kitchen sink fixes every renter should know. [Read More]

Cut Down On Waste And Increase Disposal - A Size Guide For Roll-Off Dumpsters

Posted on: 11 March 2015

Home improvement projects can pose several unique challenges for homeowners. One that you may not have considered is determining what to do with the large amount of waste generated by your renovation process. While many people know that roll-off dumpster services can offer great convenience, they may also be concerned about wasting space and not getting the most bang for their buck. Below, you'll find a size guide to some common types of roll-off dumpsters. [Read More]

Building A New Home In A Cold Climate? 3 Features It Should Have

Posted on: 3 March 2015

If you are building a new home in a cold climate, certain features will make your life much easier during the winter months. For example, choosing a metal roof, installing stair railings, and installing a snow melting system are good choices. Metal Roof A metal roof is durable and can hold up well to snow and ice. The snow that does fall on it sheds off easily, and you will rarely have to deal with leaks. [Read More]