3 Tips To Help You Install A Successful Exterior Drain Tile System To Protect Your Home's Foundation

Posted on: 16 January 2015

Keeping your home's foundation free from water damage is essential when it comes to maintaining the safety of your home. Although waterproofing a home's foundation is important, homeowners often overlook this step when building or remodeling their homes. Exterior drain tile systems are among the most effective ways to prevent water from coming into contact with your home's foundation. Here are 3 tips that will help ensure your own drain tile installation goes smoothly, so that you can reap the benefits of a protected foundation in the future. [Read More]

Come Home To A Flood? Here's How To Clean, Dry, And Sanitize

Posted on: 13 January 2015

If your home has been flooded, it's important that you get rid of the water and moisture as quickly as possible. Allowing standing water to remain in your home can allow mold to grow. If you suffer from asthma or other breathing problems, mold can be harmful to your health. In fact, if there is a significant amount of mold in your home, it can cause health problems for healthy individuals, as well. [Read More]

2 Jobs That Should Be Left To A Plumbing Service

Posted on: 7 January 2015

Dealing with the plumbing in your house can be a major hassle, mostly due to the many potential issues and complications that can arise. Two jobs to hire a professional plumbing service to take care of for you are bathroom remodels and water leaks. Bathroom Remodels Remodeling your bathroom is a fantastic option if you want to update your home or increase the value of the house, but it can be a tricky task. [Read More]

Secure Your Property And Move Forward With Information - Understanding Land Boundary Surveys

Posted on: 2 January 2015

Owning a piece of real estate can be a great source of pride as well as financial stability, but it is not without its challenges. Whether it's a home plot in a subdivision or many hundreds of acres of land in the countryside, firmly establishing the boundaries of your property is an essential task for maintaining and improving it. Land surveyors from a company like Michael E. Rapier Surveying, Inc can be very useful in helping you find the exact boundaries of a piece of real estate. [Read More]