Blasting Basics For First-Timers

Posted on: 24 January 2018

If you're starting a large-scale project that is going to require blasting rock and other material, you may be wondering what you can expect from the process. For those new to any kind of construction blasting, it can be an intimidating thing. Before you take the leap and start planning the blast, here is a look at what you can expect from start to finish. There Will Be One Single Point Of Contact [Read More]

Tips For Spotting Winter Damage To Your Landscaping

Posted on: 15 December 2017

Once you've invested in your landscaping, you'll want to preserve that investment by taking proper care of your trees and shrubs through the winter. Sure, your flowers and other plants are made to go dormant or be moved inside, but trees and shrubs are exposed to the winter weather all season long. Before spring hits, you should be aware of the warning signs that your landscape suffered winter weather damage. [Read More]

3 FAQs Regarding Scrap Metal Recycling

Posted on: 8 November 2017

If you have a lot of trash in your garage or backyard, you may be considering renting a dumpster and hauling it all to the dump. However, before you do that, separate your trash from your scrap metal. Scrap metal like that found in old appliances and copper wiring can be taken to recycling facilities and exchanged for cash. If you want to know more about scrap metal recycling, you need to check out these three frequently asked questions. [Read More]

4 Ways To Remodel Your Master Closet Into The Walk-In Of Your Dreams

Posted on: 7 September 2017

Remodeling your master bedroom? While you may be giving a lot of thought to things like the lighting, windows, d├ęcor, and bathroom luxuries, the closet may not get the attention it deserves. But a dream walk-in closet can turn an ordinary bedroom into a true haven of relaxation and organization. To help you with your dream closet remodel, here are 4 tips for any homeowner: Add Organization.  Simply remodeling the closet to add more space won't help you much if it quickly devolves into a disorganized mess. [Read More]